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Who's Da Boss

The 2008 Pop-Culture Showdown

18 January 1983
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Vote for your favorite pop- (or not-so-pop-) culture icon in a battle to the death to determine Who's Da Boss.

Previous winners include Christopher Walken (2005), Gautama Buddha (2006), the Monty Python Foot (2007) and Wonder Woman (2008).

Who's Da Boss works as follows: each day a pair of 'things' will be displayed. All you need to do is 'VOTE NOW!' (at the bottom right of the page) and select which of the two things will win in a fight to the death. If you're imaginative, feel free to leave a description of how the fight would go, or why your vote would win. Once each battle is completed the funniest vote (as chosen by the moderator) will be chosen as "Featured Commentary." The more featured commentaries you win, the more likely you will be chosen to pick one of the "Elite Four" for next year's competition (see below).

There are 128 original participants. There will be seven rounds of fighting, including a round in which the last four of the original seeds are pitted against four elite entries chosen by your fellow Who's Da Boss participants.

Please note that when choosing who would win, you should not simply pick which one you like more. Please pick who would win in a fight. For example: if a six year old were to fight a fully operational tank, and you think the tank would win despite your sympathy for the child, please vote for the tank. No one can force you to choose the more logical or realistic of your two choices, but please refrain from overusing terms like 'wiry' when you make a ridiculous point.

NOTE #1 - Please do not vote more than once. If your IP address can be traced, only your first vote will be tallied.

NOTE #2 - Once the vote has been tallied (typically some time after 07:00 EST the day after the fight has been posted), no further voting will count on the fight. If it is still the first fight on the page, and it doesn't have 'FINAL SCORE' on the page text, then it's still "fair game" and can be voted on.

NOTE #3 - In the event of a tie, the moderator will pull aside a random person and ask them to cast the official tie breaker. This person will have no overt affiliation to either party involved. This vote will not be registered through comments, but will be noted in the final tally that a tiebreaker has occured.

NOTE #4 - While it is legal to go out and round up voters to come on and vote for a seed you like, please try to get them to stay on as regular voters. It would be impossible to get people to not try and fix this, so, all I ask is that after you have your ego satisfied, you make sure some of your proxies stay on to keep voting.

NOTE #5 - Some of the seeds or battles in this contest may have been suggested by you. If so, please don't go about demanding credit. No one likes to have "my seed's in, and yours isn't" rubbed in their face. Besides, I have more seeds than anyone.

NOTE #6 - If you are unfamiliar with one of the seeds please don't let it stop you from voting. I will do my best to provide a link to a Wikipedia article (or similar source) on the seeds in every battle. Click the link, expand your pop-culture awareness, and vote!


Disclaimer: I did not take any of these photos. They are not mine. They belong to those that took them -- however, they were all found via google, and thus, i'm hoping it's not illegal to post them here. If there is any problem with these photos being displayed, please contact the journal owner, and if your claim is legitimate, they will be taken down, but please consider that all this site will be doing is letting people see your work. Thank you.